Revit 2014

We are starting to make the transition to B.I.M. (building information modeling). For our clients this means a more stream-lined work flow and improved visualization of projects in the preliminary design phase.  While not every project will be using this new software in the early stages, we will roll out specific projects this summer.  Leave a comment about your experience with Revit 2014 or other B.I.M. software, or just leave a question about our in office work flow.

Autodesk® Revit® software delivers tools that support architectural design, MEP engineering, structural engineering, and construction. Revit is specifically built for Building Information Modeling (BIM) to help you design, build, and maintain higher-quality, more energy-efficient buildings. Comprehensive features make it an ideal solution for the entire building project team.

See the new software here!

We, in the office, are excited to use this new software.  We expect to offer improved service as we move along the learning curve.  The new capabilities will allow us to offer 3-D visualizations, solar studies, site analysis, structural testing, and cost estimates in reduced time for our clients.

Watch this video below about the new features we will be using.


Architects a Luxury?

PlansI have heard over and over that, “I can’t afford an Architect; They’re for rich people.”  I think to myself, “You can’t afford NOT to have an Architect.

But WHY?  Why should anyone spend money on plans that you could draw yourself using any of a number of inexpensive computer aided drawing programs?  (click here for a list of all of the available options)

The answer is value.  Architects build value into your project.  They do in several ways, and not least is by exceeding your expectations. Over the next few weeks I will discuss the various reasons EVERYONE building should hire an architect, not just wealthy people, and not just commercial clients, but everyone that finds a need in their built environment should first consult with an architect.

The primary reason to hire an architect is experience.  The Architect’s experience ranges the full gamut of building types, and building problems.  In this way you have your own personal Virgil to guide you through the process saving you from missteps, pitfalls, and traps which make for great comedy in the movies (Mr. Blandings), but you really don’t want to deal with in real life.  An Architect’s experience will save you from building more hallway than bedroom, from doors that won’t open because of a toilet in the way, and from costly change orders due to unforseen issues NOT worked out in the planning stages.

Any trained builder can build a structure to the building code minimum requirements.  The only value in a project like that is the value of the building materials themselves, and the cost of labor to assemble them.  An Architect’s experience can transform those materials into living space that suits your needs, and your lifetime goals to provide a framework for living.

-Brian W. Penschow, Assoc. AIA

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