HealthCare Facilities

Medical & Dental Offices

There are many firms that offer medical and dental office design as part of their services or as their only service. Often these design firms are not able to sign and seal drawings for submission to a township. Licensed Architect DO have the ability to sign and seal drawings. These interior design firms have a valuable service when choosing equipment and layouts, but fall short when confronted with specific building design and code issues. If you choose to use the services of one of these companies, Lawrence S. Schreiber, AIA – Architect can work with you, your interior designer, or equipment provider to develop the best overall plan for your long term needs and goals.

We have vast experience in outpatient medical, dental, and eye surgery centers. We can, if you choose, design your project without the involvement of a specialized interior design firm. You may save money by calling our firm first when planning a new office, a renovation, or a move to new space.



Nursing Homes

At Lawrence S. Schreiber, AIA – Architect, we specialize in solving the unique challenges that nursing home design presents. A nursing home operates primarily in a patient-care mode rather than a medical mode. Consequently, its more important attributes are those focusing on the general well-being of its residents rather than high-tech considerations. Through our experience and knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations, along with our good working relationship with the State of New Jersey’s Bureau of Construction Plan Review ( ) we can help you determine if your proposed project requires review by the State, or could be released for local plan review. Involving an Architect early in your planning process will save you time and money in the long run.

Call now for a consultation on your next construction or renovation project.

Keser Nursing

Sub-acute Healthcare Units

A sub-acute rehabilitation unit is an inpatient medical and rehabilitation program designed for patients who no longer require acute medical care, but who are not yet performing at their prior level of function and may require continued medical management.  Sub-acute rehabilitation provides an outcome-focused, interdisciplinary approach to help patients achieve maximum independence in their daily lives.  The onsite physicians, nurses and therapists maintain daily communication regarding patients’ medical status and functional progress toward their goals.  Although the goals of the program are geared specifically toward patients and their diagnoses, our common goal is to work with patients and their families to ensure a smooth transition to the next level of care.

Sub-acute healthcare units have varying requirements based on the type of injury to be treated. They typically have less stringent facilities requirements than a hospital, but are more intensive than a residential care unit for aging. Lawrence S. Schreiber has the experience and knowledge for converting existing residential care wings into new sub-acute care units. We can create value in your existing facility by creating a new wing or renovated wing that brings in a new revenue stream. Call us now to see how we can help.

Subacute Healthcare

Subacute Healthcare

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