Tatiana Rodionova

Drafts Person, Artistic Director


Tatiana Radionova received her Masters degree in architecture after completing university in her native country of Russia. She grew up multilingual, speaking German and Finnish as well as Russian. When she first arrived in the United States in 1998 she added a fourth language and quickly mastered English. For the last ten years, Tania has been working for Mr. Lawrence Schreiber, AIA, producing quality floor plans and layouts for commercial and residential properties.

For Tania, architecture is not merely how she earns a living. It is in the creation of spectacular architectural spaces that she hones a life-long skill and passion. As an artist since childhood, Tania has produced beautiful paintings and drawings in a variety of styles, using various mediums. She entered the world of architecture by getting straight to the heart of it. After university, she began with fieldwork, doing architectural restoration. One project in particular that she remembers with satisfaction is how it felt to restore an authentic natural stone fireplace to its original glory. When you start with the bare bones of architecture, it becomes more than theory put on paper. You understand how a structure is created, from the first lines and on and up, and it comes alive.

There is a common misconception in the world that an architect is standoffish, not personable, not someone you can relate to. Tania defies that image. Her sweet and cheerful nature comes through in her way of describing the professional/client relationship. She believes that to give the client what he wants, you need to see his vision. You need to understand the person and his ideas and aim to make him happy by bringing forth those ideas onto paper. It’s about bringing to light what was once just an thought in someone’s mind. It’s creation. And it’s wonderful.


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