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Mr. Schreiber is Lakewood’s only licensed frum architect. Religious architecture, is one of our firm’s specialties. Larry’s experience in designing Synagogues, is paramount in the field.  We believe, that excellence in design while accounting for modesty, only enhances one’s religious experience.  We bring that philosophy to our designs, so that they are free standing religious buildings, or spaces within a larger structure.


Synagogue Architecture and Interior Design Synagogues share certain functional interior furnishings, but there is no architectural design or artistic style that characterizes a synagogue. Rabbi Millgram speaks about pre-modern synagogue buildings but his description of the features of synagogue interiors is as accurate for present-day structures as for pre-modern ones, and could just as well have been expressed in the present tense, with a few exceptions.
The elements that constitute a synagogue are the aron ha-kodesh (‘holy ark’ or niche in the eastern wall, containing the Torah scrolls); the amud (prayer desk, facing the ark) and the bima (the pulpit), from where the Torah is read. Sephardi synagogues have a bima a teba (box), and read the entire service from there. Borrowing from the Islamic al-minbar (platform), the Sephardi bima is also called the almemar. Later synagogues adopted the ner tamid (eternal light), which represents the Torah’s holiness, and also recalls the light that burned in the Temple. This is a candle or other light that burns in the synagogue, whether or not the synagogue is in use.
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