Planning/Zoning Board Submission Phase

MILESTONE 1 –┬áPlanning/Zoning Board Submission Phase

Zoning BoardFor other than single family and two family residences that do not require a variance, a typical Planning, Zoning, or Community Development Department will review your project for conformance to local ordinances and local master plans, which look at allowable site uses, environmental impacts (such as noise, shading, traffic impact, or pollution), density, parking, and other urban planning issues.

At the scale of the individual project site, this translates to possible easements, response to natural or man-made existing site features (like slopes or utilities on site), proposed building height limits, and side, front and rear yard setbacks.

Sometimes larger cities have Design Review Boards (sometimes called Architectural Review Boards) who review building design for conformance to published design guidelines. They may review the building design informally, or as part of a public hearing process. This could also affect you if you live in a community with a Home Owner’s Association.

Since these agencies are generally concerned with larger issues of urban density, scale and land use, and not with the finer points of Building Code compliance, we encourage our clients to submit their Schematic Design Documents, along with the required application fee, for review. We can assist with the application process and tailor our Document package accordingly.

Even if you don’t think you will require a Planning board hearing or a Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing, you may want to submit your project at this point to clear the first administrative hurdle.

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