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The Architecture of New York

Some of the most famous architecture in the world is located in New York. The chronology of all architectural styles in North America can be chronicled in New York. The dominating style in the city was usually a function of the time. Now, New York City serves as a teaching tool for many architectural schools due to the well preserved catalog of buildings that still exist from each architectural era.


1071 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10128

New York is the state where we do our second largest amount of work. We are professionally certified with the New York City Department of Buildings, which allows clients to receive building permits more quickly, and in many cases without the services of an expediter. According to the National Council of Architectural Registration Board’s (NCARB) survey of 2011, New York State had a total of sixteen thousand and fifty-nine (16,059) registered architects. “That’s a lot!,” you say, well yes, but it isn’t the most. California has even more, but New York State has the second highest number of registered architects in all fifty states.

Many architects in New York specialize in one particular niche. If you are SURE that you fit into that particular niche then it is wise to search out some of these firms. They are top-notch quality firms in terms of talent and ability, but they are often tops in price too. We believe they deserve the higher fees for the value they might bring to your niche project. Most clients find that they don’t have a niche project. They want an architect with a broad level of experience and expertise. That is where our firm excels. We can, and will, add value to your New York project, and the earlier you bring us in, the more value can be gained. If we are the design architects, the architects of record, or working with you through the entire project, our high-quality plans, and constant attention to detail will reduce your costs, and get your project done.



Our philosophy as a New York architect is to achieve our client’s goals, while responding to the fabric of the surrounding neighborhoods from high density areas within New York city, to upstate farmlands.

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