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The Architecture of New Jersey

Architectural styles in New Jersey are varied.  Even within the same town styles can vary from Dutch Colonial to Contemporary. The Jersey shore has traditionally been a place of stately Victorian homes and the ever popular Shingle Style. In certain neighborhoods one style may predominate over another, but there is no traditional style that predominates in the State as a whole.

New Jersey is the most densely populated state with one thousand two hundred and five (1,205) inhabitants per square mile.

Population Density

Population Density

Compared to the national average of just eighty-eight (88) inhabitants per square mile, you can see that in becomes a challenge to carve out private, secure outdoor spaces for people when sometimes it seems you are building on top of one another. That is not to say that there aren’t places in New Jersey where you can’t even see your closest neighbor, there ARE! The skills for designing in a dense, urban, zero-lot-line scenario are vastly different than designing a new farmhouse on a small twenty acre farm. In New Jersey, however, an architect may find himself doing both in the same week.

Equally as challenging as population density to excellent architectural design in New Jersey are the extremes imposed by mother nature. New Jersey is one hundred and sixty-six (166) miles long, and while that doesn’t seem like very much, there is a significant difference between the climates of Cape May and the mountains of Sussex County. We are located about halfway between the equator and the north pole, and that fact subjects New Jersey to alternately wet, dry, hot, and cold airstreams which vary the daily weather significantly. The temperature varies from below zero (0 deg. F) to above one hundred (100 deg. F) degrees Fahrenheit, making an energy efficient and comfortable building more of a challenge.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Projected Path

New Jersey has five distinct climate zones despite being one of the smallest states in the union. Combine the effects of hurricanes, flooding, heavy snow, winds, and even potentially earthquakes, and you see that there is an interesting set of challenges for building designers.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, architects also have to plan for the potential of human threats to buildings. New Jersey has a significant number of high-value target areas as compared to some other more rural areas of the country. That isn’t to say that disaster will not strike anywhere, but there is a level of risk that needs to be mitigated if you decide to build in certain areas. New Jersey architects must be aware of these potential threats to the health, safety, and welfare of our clients and the public in general.

We are a local New Jersey Architecture firm. Sure we are licensed in other states, but we live and work here in New Jersey.  This state holds a special place for us, and it is where we do most of our work.  We have good working relationships with local and state governments. Let us leverage our knowledge of all aspects of architecture in New Jersey into excellent design for you.  Call us today if you are thinking of a project in New Jersey!

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